EVENTS:         *SAILING BATTLE   : Friday 7 th of june 2019 1.30PM

                             *TREASURE HUNT   ( continuous)                        

Dear explorer!

Welcome at Tessin! This virtual world is a result of many hours of design, scripting, texturing and landscaping. It is inspired on different landscapes and time periods. Developed by professional scripters and graphical designers and also by people who enjoy building at virtual worlds in their free time. 

Theme of this world is adventure , sailing, hiking , combat, farming and crafting. It is designed to offer role-players a good environment to develop all kinds of role-play. It also invites players who enjoy sailing, to dive into the virtual sailing world and learning to navigate classical sailing ships in a realistic way. 

The pages on this website will give you an insight on activities. You can find the manuals and tutorials you need to be able to play the games. We hope this world will inspire visitors to learn, explore and play.

Where virtual touches reality!