Welcome, traveller..

  • OUTDOOR ADVENTURE          A world where you can sail, hike, canoe, and explore.
  •  NATURE AND MOUNTAINS    Follow the paths, get lost in caves, walk in forests.
  •  CITIES AND VILLAGES.            Visit taverns, shops , and dance in the theatre.
  •  ROLE-PLAY AND BATTLES      Battle with classical ships, be a smuggler or join navy.

        Everything is possible in Tessin. Join this exciting world, and meet its inhabitants.




Sims for rent ! You can rent a full sim for 10 dollars a month. (256×256, 9600 prims) Or you can have a free house and 500 prims as a start. Check out this page : GET YOUR FREE HOME

ONGOING EVENTS: – Every Friday 12.00 AM FFA Sailing battleGemstone hunt in the caves ( great prices)