Free houses, rentals, convenant

NEW: full sims (256m x 256m) for rent : 5 dollars a month, 9600 prims!!

Every renter will have the next services and entertainment:

Free clothing and free mesh avatars- Free furniture packet with the Clutterfly freebees to decorate your house – Free Bwind sailing ship and a ridable horse to explore the sims – Historical sailing ships in rezzers to useRezz rights everywhere for your vehicle – RP system for farming and trading – Ongoing treasure hunts with wonderful prices -Fishing docks for fishing competition

Available rentals:


In the south: 18 th century city ( Dutch style) with market, pub , restaurant , hotel, merry go round and city garden. Channel houses are free: 500 prims. Also free shops for merchants,500 prims, please visit the city, pick your shop and IM Trouble Ahead. Also historical centre of typical Dutch agriculture and events in history.


Complete island

Big island, with lovely house and garden. Own docks and a lot of privacy. Located at the west part and lots of open sea around. House has a fully equipped kitchen and a terrace with sea view. Gazebo with dance animations. Only 1200 KC a month , 1500 prims for furniture and garden. ( upgrading prims is possible) AVAILABLE



Complete island

Island, with a lot of privacy, the house has a lot of space and a roof terrace. Own docks to moor your ship. Location is opposite Driftwood harbor. (600 KC a month, 1000 prims) RENTED OUT. CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE



Island with watermill house. Wonderful sea view, two terraces, own docks for ship. Under the house is a huge cellar and tunnel. (600 KC a month, 1000 prims) FOR RENT CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Driftwood Harbor (Free houses)

Driftwood Harbor: pick one of the houses and decorate as you please. Near the terraces and restaurants. ( free, 500 prims) CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Farm house

A nice farm house, located on the northwest sunny side of Tessin. Near the farming fields, sea side location, and your having own docks bordering your land. ( 600 KC a month, 1000 prims ) AVAILABLE CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Little farm house

Two little farm houses, simple interior, but lovely seaside vieuw and space for gardening. Docks are near. (300 KC a month, 500 prims) AVAILABLE CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Port Hope (Free houses)

Port Hope: the place to be! Shops, harbor, tavern, school, medical services , church, and sailable ships to use. The medieval houses are little, but enough to make yourself comfortable . ( free, 500 prims) CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Farm ville (Free houses)

Farm Ville. This little houses have only one room and are close to the Tessin forest, for those who search for the mysterious … ( free, 500 prims) CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Little mountain cottage

Just a little cottage for your old bed and food and stuff for the perfect fishing holiday! 300 KC/month , 500 prims RENTED OUT CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Sea side little cottage with garden

Isolated from the rest of the islands, bordering at sea. Own dock and water taxi. 1000 prims , 600 KC a month. Close to Port Hope and sailing docks. CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Cottage on a rock island

Spacious cottage at the southern part, isolated location. Near fish restaurant and tavern, and a wonderful place for sailors. 600 KC a month, 1000 prims RENTED OUT CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Sea side cottage

Watch the sunsets in this lovely sea side cottage with orangery for all your potted plants. 300 KC a month, 500 prims. CLAIM YOUR RENTAL HERE


Tree house with private beach.

On the south east side of the sims , very quiet place for the ones that love the sunsets at sea and chilling on the beach . You have your own garden, docks , and campfire and picknick facilities. 600 KC a month , 1000 prims. Claim your rental here:


Tessin ‘s convenant

Welcome to all sailors , landlubbers and residents ! Great to have you here and enjoy with us. There are some things visitors and renters need to know:

  • This is a moderate world. What this means is mentioned on this website:

-This means players are asked to behave like that: no adult activities outside private area’s , no extreme violent RP. Please be clear to other players your into RP or your OOC.

  • Sim owners have lots of freedom to create as long as it fits in Tessin ‘s theme . All buildings are permitted as long as its building style is not newer as late 18 th century buildings ( Victorian age) Please no skyscrapers or pink / purple and neonlights decorations. Keep scripts low , no particles emitters please, they lag the sim ( when you want to put rain or snow emitters, please do it only on a small area. ( those emitters cause lots of viewer lag for your visitors especially when they are new)
  • Modern vehicles are permitted here: you can fly your plane or try your modern ships. You can moor your little Tessiner Bwind modern ship at your docks , for we provide this to newcomers to learn and enjoy sailing. When you sail other modern vessels , not fitting in the theme , please don’t moor them permanently at your docks. So no huge passenger yacht or cargo/tug ship 🙂
  • Themed clothing is not prohibited: but .. its appreciated when your visiting one of the events your appearance fits in the theme. If your poor and only wear the Kitely black sweater , your welcome too.. ;D
  • Please make sure you leave the seas empty outside your sims after sailing and clean up buildings you rezzed in public land. Thank you.
  • We are a friendly community here. After the shooting we like to enjoy good humor and tavern life. As people have different standards on social behavior, we still appreciate it when you believe in this ” positive suggestions work better then complaints” thing. RP is light hearted and above all, we want all players to have a good time. Sometimes a little bit of spicy fantasy adds more than strict rules and maintaining them.

Every sim owner can make his or her rules on own sims ( regarding the above ). Requests on banning people on the sims here will be only discussed in the Tessins sim owners group, and banning people is something we only do in extreme situations like grieving or harassing residents with the purpose to destroy the community’s fun and people’s peace of mind. We dont ban people if you simply dont like the other person, thats whats life is all about , TOLERANCE is the keyword.

Please keep skyboxes above 1000 meters.

  • No ban lines permitted. Those destroy the sailing and flying experience. Plus they are ugly.
  • We enjoy it when visitors are here. To give them more information about rentals etc .. please use the website :
  • The owner of the world ( Trouble Ahead ) is a RL busy person and mainly here for her relaxation and building. If she s online feel free to ask questions : but please have respect if your questions wont be answered right away. Please write a note and she will try to help you out when she has a free moment. In case you observe grieving: please IM the name of the griever , we are able to stop the world when sims owner is not online and we can ask the Kitely moderators to ban grievers very fast .
    Other difficulties : please mail

Thank you and enjoy !