Explore by ship!

On many grids is open sea to sail. On this page we made a list with places where the sim owner allows visitors to rezz their own ships and have lots of sea to sail, and attractive coats to explore. Wind buoys are rezzed on most sims. To sail outside Kitely, copy your ship, and eventually the needed HUD and buoy into your suitcase. For teleporting to the grids below: please copy the URL’s of the places and paste them in your viewer world map ” find” bar.

The different grids mentioned below run different physics engines, so not all ships will sail on every grid. Ships that run Kayaker Magics scripts are able to sail on all the grids mentioned below. Get your ship here!

SEANCHAI  ( Kitely ) grid.kitely.com:8002/Seanchai/716/470/22

Here is a lot of open sea to sail, nine sims , and also lovely channels and a pirate harbor and village. Owner: Shandon Loring

PANTHALASSA  ( Kitely ) grid.kitely.com:8002/Panthalassa/128/128/23

Region with four sims and one island. Race track around the island , and lots of activities to try out. Owner : Kayaker Magic

MOUNT CAVALRY grid.kitely.com:8002/Mount%20Calvary/851/587/23

This is a 4×4 world, wonderful sailing sims and lots of open water with a lovely marina. Please be careful , lots of sharks! Sims owner: Ometeotl Mikoyan

PORT CELYDDON ( Discovery grid ) discoverygrid.net:8002:Celyddon

A lot of open sea to sail on. Still under construction. Connected in RP with the Tessin sims, beware , this is Navy property! Owners: Melanie Auxifur and Ballyrae Hanley

LAWRENCE BAY (Discovery ) discoverygrid.net:8002:Lawrence Bay

The sims of the continental navy. Four wonderful islands to explore, and endless seas to sail. Owner : Jennifer Law

STRANGE LANDS   (Discovery) discoverygrid.net:8002:Strange Lands

Newly built regions owned by Slider Morgan. Rough land and tropical setting.

WESLORIEN ( Vibel grid ) grid.vibel.eu:8002:WesLorien

WesLorien is a 3×3 VAR, but the whole Vibel grid is mostly surrounded by sea and wonderful to sail and explore the beautifully landscaped sims. Owner: Roland Francis. There are eight 3×3 VAR’s to explore. The owner made all sims open for sailors and even put wind buoys on all sims for people who use the Kayaker Magic scripted ships.

PEARL SEA ( discovery grid ) discoverygrid.net:8002:Pearl Sea

Pearl sea offers a lot of open sea and some wonderful islands to explore. Go visit the beach club, drink a couple of cocktails and dance, or moor your ship in the Pearl Yacht Club. Very recommended is exploring Beguinal Monastery, a rebuilt of a medieval monastery in Brugge Belgium. Sim owner and builder: Lamat Lisle


Kitely: all worlds mentioned on this page are VAR’s , 3×3 or 4×4 sims. One sim is 256×256 meters. The worlds are stand alone worlds, so no crossings while sailing. Great sim performance in general and no lag. Careful when touching sim border with your avatar, scripts can freeze. Always sail with your world map open and avoid coming near the worlds borders.

Discovery grid : The worlds mentioned on this page are huge VARS’s , up to 8×8 in some cases, with a lot of sea to explore. Most of them border ocean sims who connect the various VAR’s. If you are sailing a Kayaker Magic scripted ship, crossings are easy.. please make sure your settings in your hud are good. In the options part in the HUD is a button with 4 squares on it: the button has a picture of a sailboat with black or grey boxes on it. Select the one that has 4 grey boxes (signifying permeable borders) and you can sail HUNDREDS OF SQUARE KILOMETERS of Discovery Grid. See pic below:

Chose 4 grey boxes

Vibel grid : this grid is made from 3×3 connected VAR’s and provides a lot of open sea. You can explore all regions with the same method mentioned above, make sure your border crossings settings in the ships HUD are ok. There are all-together 72 sims ( 256×256 meters ) available for sailing. This grid runs the latest march version of OS software and HUDS and crossings work very well.