Sailing tutorial

Virtual sailing is fun! It gives a real life experience when you practice a bit. For the sailing tutorial we are using a model of the 17 th century ship ” Statenjacht Utrecht”. Watch the video for impression. Or: visit the RL ships website. Below are three tutorials: the Kayaker Magic scripted ships, second the SPD scripted ships and third, the Bwind scripted ships.

SPD scripted ships tutorial

This type of ship is been used a lot in virtual worlds. The ship called ” Statenjacht Utrecht” is also available in a SPD version scripted by Christine Nyn. On Tessin sailing battles this type of ship is mostly used.For tutorial please watch the next video to see how the ship can be navigated:

There are several SPD ships builders on the Kitely market. For sailing in Kitely , this is an example of a good sailing ship for the battles:

Kayaker magic scripted ships tutorial

This ship is in rezzers and you can test them. Follow the steps below to find the ship and get ready to sail: 

Login on Kitely . If you need more instructions about creating your account please use this link. Type ” Tessin” in search. Once arrived at the Tessin world , click the sign at the landing point ” click to TP to the sailing docks ” You will be moved to the docks. There are several ships you can chose from, all work more or less the same. At every ships location you will see the signs on the pic below there. Click the sign on the right to get the HUD for navigation. For newcomers : a HUD is a display in your screen with buttons to manipulate your ship. You need to wear it. No HUD, no sailing!

click the right board

The HUD and notecard will be moved to your inventory. Select the inventory button in the bottom part of your Firestorm viewer ( the suitcase icon) , and search for Statenjacht Utrecht Navigation HUD. Right click the HUD and chose wear.

Right click HUD and wear 

Once wearing the HUD you will see the navigation tools in your screen. Click the ” Click to rezz Statenjacht” sign at the docks and your ship will appear. When there is already a ship, please don’t click the sign, multiple ships will be rezzed. When you stand after or during sailing the ship will move to docks automatically. 

ship appears after clicking

Connecting your hud to the ship: this is very important. click the both buttons in your HUD ( see image below ) to make connection first: please stand close to the ship. Black button shows ships settings, the button with the black arrows will make the connection. This button is always a helpful tool when you think your ship does not respond on the navigation buttons while sailing.. just click this one and text in your screen will tell you you are connecting the ship. Use the red circle button to get back to the sailing part of the HUD you saw at first. Board the ship by clicking it ( or chose sit ) and your avatar will jump aboard. After the captain, passengers can board as well.

Left: settings button, right, connection button

Explanation of the buttons in the sailing HUD

From left to right:

  • Black arrow makes the HUD smaller
  • Question mark: leads to website with explanation
  • Slider with green/ red: switch and throttle ships engine ( for lazy sailors ) Don’t use this when you want to sail. Sailing buttons won’t work.
  • Sails icons: square, jib and gaff sail , click to raise or lower. You can chose to raise full sails or half raised sails, and you will notice that speed will change.
  • Meters above: black: red needle is showing ships speed in knots, blue arrow is showing wind speed. White meter: compass with blue arrow showing wind direction. Red part of compass needle shows sailing direction. Wind is from the north, ships direction is to the north as well, so speed in this situation will be negligible.
  • Anchor button: press to moor or sail.
  • Cannon button: change your HUD to use the cannons.( see pic below)
  • White slider : turn your sails into the best sail angle. Arrow up/ down or page up down does the same.
  • Buttons right: settings button ( black ) and the red cross detach your HUD. (settings buttons: for explanation use question mark, to show website) 

Explanations of the buttons in the cannon hud 

cannon hud 
  • Cannon buttons are in four sections , front , rear , starboard and port side of the ship.
  • Every section has one button that fires them all in once.  
  • The icon with the lines and red dot: clicking a certain position will move cannons in that section in the desired direction for aiming.
  • Yellow slider: this changes the ” charge ” of cannons in all sections. More gunpowder, wider ranges. 
  • Skull icon: when your ship gets damage in battle , other ships or land cannons hit you, the icon will turn red, the more red the more damage. Finally, when the whole skull is red, your ship will explode and sink. 
  • Red circle icon will direct you back to the sailing navigation part of the HUD.

Sim crossings

To be able to cross sim borders on all grids: in the options part in the HUD is a button with 4 squares on it: the button has a picture of a sailboat with black or grey boxes on it. Select the one that has 4 gray boxes (signifying permeable borders). See pic below:

select button with 4 grey squares


Before sailing , check up if your sails respond on the buttons in the HUD. Make sure your AO is off. Raise sails, and you will see the flags move and sails respond on wind.

As we take the example above, the sailing HUD picture we used : that shows the wind is coming from the north and the ships heading north as well. This is a situation your sails are unable to catch wind (they move and make noise) and it probably will even move backwards! So what to do?

Turn your ship with left or right arrows first. Watch your compass too and experiment with the white slider, or eventually the arrow up and down, to turns your sails. When the sails catch wind, the movements and noise will stop and your ship will move. Try to maintain a sail angle toward the wind direction from about 45 degrees, but…as in real, winds change so play with your sails position to see what position gives best speed.

Raising jib and gaff sails gives best speed, raising them half lowers speed. When for example wind is coming from south and your heading north, raising the square top sail will give extra boost. Its all a matter of good practice!

Sailing race

Video of sailing race by Selby Evans