What to do?


Virtual sailing. It can be like its real! Tutorials for sailing are on this website, and information about the ships. Watch this video to see how it looks.


On the northern side of Tessin there are farming fields. Take care of the animals , plant and collect your vegetables, cook meals or craft. You can also sell products to the market and earn RP money. Visitors can get their own farming tools , as also the scripts in them are open source for the advanced builder.

Satyr farming and mines


Tessin has three villages and one city with humble houses for people who are new in virtual or just want a place to stay. It gives 500 prims for furniture etc. for free. For those who like to rent bigger houses with an island or gardens: 600 KC for 1000 prims. For people who want to rent a sim ( 256×256 m): 5 dollar a month for 9600 prims. Many facilities are there like taverns and shops , theatre and places for chilling out.

Port Hope, Driftwood Harbor , Farm Ville


Hiking on Tessin is an adventure: gorges to go through, caves to explore and steep drop-offs needs to be crossed on rope bridges. It’s also a perfect place for smugglers and other creatures who prefer to walk in the dark. The mountain lands and the armed fortresses provide a good place for RP.

Caves, gorges, walking trails

Worlds map

The world is a 8×8 sims VAR.

  • Landing point: Explorers island south.
  • Sailing ship’s rezzer : Port Hope docks.
  • Fields & collectables for crafting & farming: Satyr farm
  • Free houses: Port Hope , Driftwood Harbor, Farm Ville, Ratsdam
  • Free clothing and avatars: shop at Port Hope’s docks( modern and themed)
  • Free shops for merchants : Ratsdam. Also channel houses for residents, both free.